How to book your ideal student accommodation

Find your perfect place to live

Let us know where you are moving to. Use the smart filters to choose the perfect accommodation.

Register your interest

Register with a few clicks using any of your social networks. If all the details of the place you chose sound right you can request a booking. We’ll make sure everything is in order with the landlords and send you a confirmation in 48 hours or less. If that accommodation is not available don’t worry! We’ll help you find a new one.

Sign the contract and pay the booking fee

If the accommodation is available, we’ll send you the property contract. Go over it, sign it and send it back. Depending on the landlord, you’ll also be able to pay the agreed booking fee. Remember: WE DON’T CHARGE BOOKING FEES! (That’s just wrong!) Once the landlord gives us the green light, we’ll let you know and you’re good to go!

Show up

If you opted for it, we’ll send someone to pick you up at the airport. Otherwise just go to the property you booked with your confirmation on the specified date. Once there, you’ll have to complete the process as required by the landlord. This could be paying a security deposit, advance rent, etc. Don’t worry as all these requirements will be perfectly explained since the moment you start searching for your accommodation.

Your new adventure has just begun!

Share your experiences on and our social networks! Help other students like you find their way to a new life of success.

Study hard and enjoy your new city. Welcome to Livety!

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