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Kingston student accommodation-Kingston Plaza

£155 ~ £290

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Student Hall

London Road, Kingston Upon Thames

University of Roehampton(6.9km)

London student accommodation-Garrow House

£170 ~ £306

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Student Hall

Kensal Road, London

University of Roehampton(9.4km)

London student accommodation-Woburn Place

£205 ~ £610

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Student Hall

Bloomsbury, London

University of Roehampton(12.9km)

London student accommodation-Lightfoot Hall

£215 ~ £381

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Student Hall

Chelsea, London

University of Roehampton(6.7km)

London student accommodation-Ravenscourt

£220 ~ £345

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Student Hall

Paddenswick Road, London

University of Roehampton(5.2km)

London student accommodation-The Hub

£230 ~ £321

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Student Hall

S Lambeth Rd, London

University of Roehampton(10.2km)

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